Rural broadband

The Rural Broadband Crisis - An Interview with Frank Odasz
"But at issue is how many more people would subscribe to high speed if they could turn it into an income supplement based out of the home? The obvious answer is “just about everybody” would be interested . . . Where in this state can you go to learn how to do that? It’s not taught in the schools, it’s not taught at the universities, it’s not taught at the small business development centers, and why is that? It really flies in the sense of serving rural citizens . . . And that’s the key, people have to know. And that’s why setting up this bets practices clearinghouse, just getting that information out to people in the community, is important . . . You know, that it’s not just infrastructure - it’s how people can rally around accepting their own full potential, and how we can provide cost-effective online education and mentoring services for all."